Standing Committees

Development Committee

Purpose: Direct the general development activities of the foundation while ensuring that all board members are actively participating in raising funds and friends.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Guide the foundation’s fundraising initiatives, including philanthropy, the annual appeal and other efforts to grow the foundation and receive funding and resources.
  • Develop and implement a fundraising strategy for the annual appeal.
  • Maintain, implement and annually evaluate a strategic development plan to promote long-term philanthropy.
  • Match external grant opportunities with identified district needs. Work with administrators and staff to complete and submit grants to outside organizations.
  • Develop a long-term philosophy for the allocation of resources in accordance with the foundation’s mission as authorized by the board.

Finance Committee

Purpose: Provide financial oversight for the foundation, including budgeting, financial planning and reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Conduct annual review of the functions and practices of the treasurer, committees and overall financial dealings and report findings and recommendations.
  • Develop an annual operating budget, to be presented no later than the final meeting of the current fiscal year.
  • Coordinate and/or develop long-range banking and investment strategies that integrate current objectives and initiatives.
  • Conduct annual review on the need for an audit and arrange for a qualified firm or individual to perform the audit as necessary.
  • Oversee the proper administration of all endowed funds and offer recommendations for their distribution and use.

Governance Committee

Purpose: Establish policies and procedures and monitor their implementation, with the goal of leading the foundation toward financial viability and sustainability.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Review and recommend changes to the bylaws, policies and procedures as needed.
  • Conduct annual board self-assessment.
  • Review committee responsibilities.
  • Analyze current board membership and identify areas of strength and weakness.
  • Evaluate the nominating process and coordinate the recruitment of new board members for nomination.
  • Develop and coordinate the new board member orientation program.
  • Assist other board committees with recruitment of volunteers and non-board members.

Grants and Scholarship Committee

Purpose: Manage all operations related to grant and scholarship funding.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Prepare and implement a program to solicit grant requests.
  • Review grant proposals and make recommendations to the board.
  • Review results of grants, maintain records to assist in evaluating their effectiveness and report findings to the board.
  • Coordinate annual grants showcase.
  • Develop, implement and promote student scholarship program. Review incoming applications and select scholarship winners.

Outreach and Events Committee

Purpose: Provide avenues for marketing, outreach and collaboration to expand the foundation’s awareness and scope. Develop and coordinate all annual fundraising events.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Identify opportunities to positively promote the foundation’s purpose and mission to increase engagement with schools, students and supporters.
  • Connect with community partners to increase awareness, recruit and establish new partnerships, and expand the network of mentors and providers.
  • Develop marketing and public relations materials and seek new avenues to advertise and promote the foundation.
  • Plan, manage and execute all fundraising events, including the appointment of event subcommittees as needed.
  • Annually evaluate the viability and effectiveness of all fundraising events.